What is the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)?

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

This diet was developed by a guy by the name Valter Longo and he has a patent on this program and basically you consume 800 calories for 5 days and have a certain diet and then you go back to your regular eating rest of the month and then do this each month for 3 months. You’re going to lose weight, and have positive changes.

The macros are:

· 90 percent protein

· 44 percent fat and

· 47 percent carbs.

That’s way too high.

Here are the problems with Fast Mimicking Diet:

1. Its way overpriced. If you were just to replace this with really healthy ingredients it would be a lot better and a lot cheaper.

2. It contains sugar and low quality foods that’s stimulate insulin.

3. It’s a low calorie die. It’s not fasting, it’s fasting mimicking program.

4. It’s very painful to do. People doing this are really suffering through it, because they don’t go through a nice gradual adaptation process. They just cram right in there and because you’re eating less calories you’re going to lose weight and have some other benefits too but you’re not going to feel real good.

A much better to do this would be to gradually go into Keto and combine intermittent fasting and slowly get your body to adapt to fat. And when you’re adapted to fat your hunger and cravings goes way down, you have mental clarity and it’s not painful and it’s very pleasurable.

The thing about this program is that, it doesn’t teach you healthy lifestyle changes. Despite you losing some weight and having some benefits, it would be much better if you get on the healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting more on a consistent basis and get educated and do this long term and be really healthy.

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