The Best Pattern Of Intermittent Fasting

There’s a lot of different patterns that you can follow. You can do the

1. Daily Pattern:

• 8-hour window of eating and a 16-hour fast

• 6-hour window of eating and a 18-hour fast and

• 4-hour window of eating and a 20-hour fasting

2. Every Other Day Fasting

3. 1-2 Times a Week

You’re fasting on the weekends or may be once or twice a week and do the whole 24 hour fast.

The problem with Every Other Day Fasting and 1-2 Times a Week, 1-2 Times a Week, you will experience severe hunger, brain fog and sleep problem. That’s because they haven’t given the body a chance to adapt, it is highly recommended to be consistent because why wouldn’t you want to do some form of fasting on a regular basis like every day.

What specific pattern that you want to do on a daily basis?

There’s a lot of benefits to fasting but the goal would be to help heal instant resistance, lower insulin, to help our bodies reset. You should base your pattern base on your body. If your metabolism is fast and you’re younger you should probably do the 16-hour fast with an 8-hour window. But the older you are, the slower the metabolism the longer you want to fast. You gradually work up fasting to 20 hours and having a 4 hour window and eventually going to One Meal A Day. That would be the best thing that a person could do especially when they are in their 50’s or older. That way their being consistent, their body is adapting to it. They’re doing on a regular basis and a chance to keep the insulin really low and allow the body to heal over a period of time. It is really important to do this gradually.

Also look at the benefits that are occurring when you are plateauing, if you’re getting less benefits the pushing up a notch and start fasting longer.

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