Is This Cheating? “Little Known” Biohacks That Will Make You Superhuman

The morning routine that will hack your brain...

The idea that you can be at a chronological age, but look, feel, and perform as though you’re at a much younger biological age is something we can attain and something we can test through telomere length.

We’re going to start with the mind:

1. This concept of Balancing your Neurotransmitters. Dopamine, Serotonin and Inhibitory neurotransmitters that helps you sleep called Gamma Amino Butyric Acid and Acetocolyn. Those are some of your important Neurotransmitters and there are certain things that you can do keep these in balance. Who likes coffee? Who knows one of the best ways you can ways that you can balance your neurotransmitters and keep coffee from gradually depleting some of those excitatory neurotransmitters and keeping your from doing things like sleeping, napping, relaxing, or avoiding that poste, a cup of coffee crash? Like something that you can add to coffee. Its Theanine, you add about 100mg of that to a cup of coffee and it helps to balance your neurotransmitters and keep you from getting that jitteriness from coffee and also keeps coffee from unbalancing your neurotransmitters. So 100mg of Theanine. Another ayurvedic herb that acts a little but similarly is called Tulsi. But Theanine is very easy to find on a website.

2. The next one is “Leaky Brain”. Your brain has a blood brain barrier that’s supposed to keep certain toxins and chemicals out of your brain and by keeping that brain or that blood brain barrier sound, you’re going to increase your ability to be able to operate neurologically. So, one thing is cold shower, take one as soon as you woke up. All you have to do is 20 seconds of cold to 10 seconds of hot, 10 times through. It’s called “The 5-Minute Hot-Cold Contrast Shower”. Anytime you get exposed, especially if you can get your head wet or your head cold for your blood barrier integrity.

3. The next is to Breath. There’s a lot of different ways that you can breathe, but there’s a fantastic form of breathing called “Buteyko Breathing”. In an ideal scenario based on longevity studies, you want a slightly higher level of Carbon Dioxide simultaneous to a high level of Oxygen because when you have a lot of Carbon Dioxide in your system, it shoves the Oxygen into the tissues. It’s called the “Bohr Effect”. In an ideal scenario you teach your body how to both increase Carbon Dioxide and increase Oxygen simultaneously. The form of breathing that teaches you how to do is called “Buteyko Breathing” and the way to figure out if you’re getting good at it is you take normal exhale and then you just go for as long as you can without taking a sharp inhale. Now a good score would be anything about 40 seconds or longer, being able to hold your breath after a passive exhale, that’s a good sign that you can tolerate high levels of CO2 and high levels of Oxygen. There are some really good books out there that teach you how to do this, there’s also a little read breather device that you can hang around your neck and you can use these when you go for walks. It simply goes in your mouth and it teaches you how to exhales slowly, retain a lot of Carbon Dioxide, then breath in through your nose and get a lot of Oxygen. So, maintenance of both Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen and not trying to breath off all your CO2 all the time is actually important for longevity because you stay Oxygenated and the Oxygen gets into the tissues. The second form of breathing is called “Box Breathing”. It’s very simple. It’s 4-count in, 4-count hold, 4-count out, 4-count hold. And you can do a 5-5-5 or a 6-6-6. There’re some people who are really good at breath work who will do a 20 in, 20 hold, 20 out, 20 hold. This idea of Box Breathing is one of the best stress control strategies.

4. Next is Eating. Eating for your mind, if you were to walk up to me and you were to offer me a big stick full of cotton candy or perhaps one of those snack packs full of healthy foods that you get at the airport and you turn it over and you look at the label and the number one ingredient as you see in most processed and package foods these days is canola oil, safflower oil or sunflower oil or any other processed vegetable oil, I would choose the cotton candy, hands down and that’s because those types of oils are worst for your body than sugar. I can metabolize sugar; I can drop and do 30 burpees and stabilize and my blood glucose levels and the body can metabolize sugar level very well. Oils on the other hand are what comprise your cell membranes after you eat them, they literally are what make up your body and if you’re making up your body with rancid, high amounts of processed oils, what happens is your cell membrane suffer and your longevity suffers.

5. The next one is Organ Meat. You can get desiccated liver capsules. You can get these in supplement form if you don’t like the idea of eating organ meat. The idea of having organ meats at least once a week is fantastic for the brain. You can get B12, Taurine and all sorts of vitamins you body wouldn’t otherwise get large amounts of the Intellect’s Tree, this is found in a smart drug called Qualia Mind.

6. Next is to Upgrade Your Head. I use light for this, there’s a few different ways that I use light. I am talking about Sun Gazing, just put glasses on. This is actually fantastic for regulating your circadian rhythm and also getting a lot of benefits of sun light. It’s a greenish blue light wave spectrum and these are glasses that you wear. Wear this for about 25 minutes every morning, basically this spectrum is fantastic for enhancing your wakefulness. Greenish blue spectrum of light. Another one that I’ll use to basically, it’s almost like a bio hack for exercising the cells for opening and closing the cells is called “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy”. It’s a table that you can sit on made by a company called “Pulse Centers”. There are also more portable devices, there’s one called EarthPulse and one called FlexPulse. Now, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF is something you can put in a different setting for anything you want to achieve, like you set it at 3HZ for relaxation and sleep, 10HZ for focus, 100HZ on a muscle that might be injured. PEMF is very good strategy not only for using to enhancing your mind, to wake up the brain, you can place it on you head at about 10HZ but also for anything that you’d want to use full body.

7. The next is Deep Sleep, which is fantastic for the mind. Few of the things that I found that really enhance deep sleep which when I measure it, I like it to be greater that about 10% and a lot of people who I look at when I see their data from a Fitbit or Jawbone or any other sleep tracker is that the deep sleep is very low which means you’re sleeping but you’re but you’re not repairing and you’re not recovering and you’re not consolidating memory. Exposure to red light at night is one very good way to enhance deep sleep.

8. Next is Optimize your body. The first is to become a fat burning machine. We know that adipose tissues releases inflammatory Cytokines and those can definitely get in the way of longevity as a matter of fact, controlling inflammation and controlling what’s called Glycemic Variability or how many blood glucose fluctuations that you get during the day are probably two of the most important things that you can enhance longevity. For the fat burning machine piece, very simple. I’m going to give you my 1,2,3 method for losing fat very, very quickly and I do this every single day. You get up in the morning and you are in a fasted state preferably you’ve fasted for 12 to 16 hours. 12 to 16 hours is kind of a magic window to go without eating each day. Next, when you’re in that fasted state you do anywhere from about 20 to 30 minutes of any type of aerobic exercise, not cortisol, stress-producing exercise, something very easy, walk in the sunshine, easy swim, easy yoga session. You’re in a fasted state, you’re tapping into your own adipose tissues by doing something aerobic in that fasted state, and then you finish with 2 to 5 minutes of cold exposure. So you’re fasted; you wake up, aerobic exercise and you finish with cold and for a bonus on that if you can have a little bit of caffeine to enhance your fatty utilization, a coffee or a green tea, it will blow up that effect even more.


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