How Stress Affects Your Heart and Brain

When we have emotions within our heart, that emotions sends a signal to our brain and the quality of that signal determines what the brain does in response to the emotion.

So if you can imagine a signal from the heart to the brain, that is a very smooth series of waves. Nice even, coherent is the term used, waves from the heart to the brain. The brain will match that smooth, even organized chemistry and it will release the chemistry that supports life in our body.

This is when the Immune System is super strong!

On the other hand, the stress chemistry, when we feel those moments of frustration, anger, hate, jealousy, rage and fear. The signal is different. It looks like a bad day on the stock market. It’s a lot of chaotic, unorganized, jagged waves going from the heart to the brain.

The brain receives those waves and says “ Oh I need to match this chemistry”. This is the stress chemistry.

When we are in the state of stress, our energy field goes into state of resistance that’s why polygraph works, you know we are able to read it. In that energy, our blood is affected. It doesn’t flow as effectively. Heats up, cool down. When we are in the stress, there’s resistance that affects our PH and we become more acidic when we are in a state of stress.

In a localized or in a systematic full body acidity, inflammation occurs and it’s a relative way or pumping more blood to attempt to help with the healing. However, we are starting to go down on a slippery slope cause the inflammation is on fire and that fire starts to burn the “house” down.

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