Does Drinking Coffee Makes You Insulin Resistant?

Coffee has the potential to help you burn body fat, but if you’re making these common mistakes, you might be missing out. - Timing is key!

Coffee is the world’s beloved drink that is the most regularly consumed caffeine-containing beverage next to water and tea. It contains a multipart combination of chemicals constituents, which associated with health benefits, most consumers, begin their day with a minimum a cup of coffee after eating food, and end their workday with coffee. It is considered as a significant part of modern daily life because it has an alerting outcome on the human brain.

The Metabolic Effects of Caffeine

1. Adrenaline Stimulates The Release of Glucose Into The Bloodstream

2. Adrenaline Increases Lipolysis

3. Adrenaline Causes Temporary Insulin Resistance

Difference Between Insulin and Adrenaline

“Adrenaline releases nutrients - Insulin stores nutrients.”

So When is The Best Time to Drink Coffee?

· When your insulin levels are lowest

· When you are most insulin sensitive

· When you can burn the most fat

Here’s what to do in order to achieve this…

· Drink Coffee In The Absence of Carbohydrates.

· Drink Coffee Pre-Workout or Before Physical Activity.

· Drink Coffee Post Workout

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