Cholesterol and Estrogen

Cholesterol is largely an artifact of an animal food centric diet and people are encouraged to do a trial, 8 weeks of an entirely plant-based diet recheck the cholesterol and they’ll see that it is plummeted. That’s the best way to show that by going plant-based their cholesterol will come down markedly.

Food switches on and off our genes, so even if they’re focusing on the gene component tell them that what we put in our mouth is information for genes. So, our genes are always looking for information from the environment as to how to act, if you’re eating whole food plant-based diet it’s going to tell our genes “Hey, let’s write down the cholesterol production”.

Our genes make us susceptible to drowning but only if wet get into water over our heads.

“Is there a study or a person to prove that dairy estrogen is higher?”

Many studies show that dairy estrogen is much higher than and also don’t forget that the estrogen in soy is completely different from the estrogen in dairy. Dairy estrogen is very similar to human estrogen and so it would go straight to the estrogen receptors and actually activate that so that would then lead to things like breast cancer and diabetes and things like that but the phytoestrogen will actually stimulate.

We have two types of each gene receptors, Alpha and Beta. So, the Beta 1 is actually anti-tumor and the phytoestrogen in soy actually binds preferentially to Beta in breast tissue and prostate so that actually lowers your chance of tumors and the Alpha is in a bone so it’s very beneficial for bone health. Phytoestrogen acts on different types of Estrogen receptors in our body and is actually beneficial overall.

There are number of meta-analysis that show over and over again that the phytoestrogens are protective, they reduce risk for breast cancer and prostate cancer in a dose-dependent fashion meaning the more you eat the lower your risk and the bottom line is you look at the countries that eat the most soy products, they have the lowest risk of breast and prostate cancer.


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