Cancer Lives on Sugar AND... Something Else

Radiation, chemicals and stress triggers damage to mitochondria and that causes cancer. Mitochondria is an energy factory that basically produces all the energy in the body. The body in attempt to survive then adapts the metabolism. The entire metabolic system is adapted in the cancer cell going from a normal metabolism to something that is more primitive. Fermentation (Ferment Sugar) is a compensatory type of thing where the body is compensating from the damage. Cancer cells can also live other than sugar.

What Triggers Cancer?

• Radiation

• Chemicals

• Stress

Cancer Can Live on:

• Glucose

• Glutamine

Ketogenic Diet is very important to stop fuelling this cancer. Normal Cells can live in ketones but cancer and tumor cells cannot.

DON(6-Diazo-5oxo-L-Norleucine) is a chemical that you could consume to block glutamine. Ketogenic Diet and DON tends to inhibit this amino acid to complete destruction of the cancer cells.

How to Reduce Glutamine:

• Green Tea

• All type of Peppers

• Intermittent Fasting

How to Prevent Cancer:

• Avoid Chemicals

• Eating Healthy and Eating Organic – Consuming a lot of leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables

• Keeping the Stress Down

• Avoiding Excessive Radiation

• Combining a Healthy Ketogenic Plan

Summary: The key with cancer is understanding it and the problem is in the damage, the fermentation, and the dealing with fuel-sources.

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